4. december 2010

December Chills

Hello there :)

I've got something to show you guys. But first! - happy December, Merry Christmas, and may all your wishes come true.

I think it's amazing how you can keep exploring the world of Hip Hop music. Everytime you think you've heard it all, something new comes along. That's what I love about this music genre. It's innovative and it keeps evolving.

This guy, Chords, a swedish dude, whom i first thought sounded a little like Akon (but i take that back now!). He's album "Things We Do For Things" quickly ranks high on every hiphop enthusiast's top 20 list. The music soothes the mind with high pitch/low pitch loops and cuts, and many of the songs fit perfectly as your modern mans lullaby :) Here's my favorite song on The Album:

Once again, happy holidays, hope you have a good one.
I'll be back soon with more fresh creative videos for you!

29. maj 2010

Best Devin The Dude Hip Hop Track So Far

Exams are coming up and my friend put this track on while i was cathing up on all of my unattended school classes. Even though he's a feature on Hi-Teks (wich is a great album by the way) album it's still a typical devin kinda track. If you've heard he's music you'll know what i'm talking about :)

If you like this, I recommend you search around the web for more Devin the Dude. He got signed by Snoop Dog back in the days and now he blazez smoke-out beats up with dope lyrics and chill vibes.


30. april 2010

New School vs. Old School

Im a bit confused on this topic. I mean, some ol' tracks like LL Cool J's "Hey Lover" - I consider songs like that to be Old School.

But check this out:

Yea, appearently New School'ism started out with RUN D.M.C & LL Cool J and those other guys. I never listened to these musicians a lot, but i figure their music was in some way or another revolutionary and broke with the old traditions of Hip Hop or something along those lines. What i would call OLD OLD OLD OOOLD SCHOOL is considered to be New School.
Anyway i'm writing this, with hope, of getting to know my terms a little better. I call everything that i used to listen to as a child "Ol' School". At wich time will something that used to be new school, become old school, and what type of music will take over the new school role?

De La Soul; I used to listen to De La Soul when i was younger. I consider them ol' school. Listening to their music gives me a kind of journey back in time. I think of all the summers i spent playing in the streets with childhood friends. Waterguns, strawberries, blue sky, birds, my first kiss ect. If you like Hip Hop music that gives you that summerish feeling you've been waiting the entire winter, check this one out:

De La Soul - Eye Know;

I must admit; I don't listen to a lot of De La Soul, usually, but, even if I rarely pop a song like this out my speakers, I really enjoy the music when i finally do though.

So, speaking about New School. I would love to share my opinions on whatever New School is, but i'm just so damn confused. I would'nt want to post anything that people would consider to be Ol' School, but at the same time i'm not the biggest Lil' Wayne or T-Pain fan.
Although, you might have heard of him or heard his music, Adam Tensta have managed to implement the electronic youth feel into bangin' Hip Hop tracks mixed with Tensta's talent on the microphone; creates one hell of a party:

If you're an expert on the topic, comment on this, and help me clear my mind on this subject.

29. marts 2010

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Carmel City

Well, lets get right to it.

This is a new blog of mine, and I intend to make it as interesting and appealing to Hip Hop musicians and fans as possible.

I figured, posting one of my favorite songs at the moment, would be a great kick-off :)

Carmel City - Pete Rock & CL Smooth

The beat features a lot of soothing sounds. The words "Let me take you on a journey thru Carmel City" indicates that you're about to be brought along on a trip. Not just any trip, but a CL Smooth & Pete Rock kinda trip, with lyrics being spoken in a way that they kinda blend in with the catchy drums.

Allow yourself to fly away for just a couple of minutes, and explore the wonderful world of Carmel City!

Bekay feat. Masta Ace - Brooklyn Bridge

I just came across this one. This Bekay guy ain't without talent. My old favorite Masta Ace is still bangin the verse as usual.

At 1.02 theres a changeover in the beat. I think it sounds really dope, and i've been wandering around mumbling "This is the place where stars are born" all day :D

Check it out!